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Reading Lounge Ramblings

The Curvaceous Read

Creative Coitus Interruptus

Or, why waiting for feedback on your manuscript is the worst part of a novelist’s job.


I Am Not Mainstream!

A critical look at Transgender and Intersex representation in Science Fiction and Fantasy literature.


Writing Holiday a Wipe Out

A plan to finish a novel gets beaten by the beach.


How To Write A Book Review – An Author’s Perspective

You think reviewing a book is easier than writing one? Think again.


Coffee – The Writer’s Best Friend

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a writer in possession of a great idea, must be in want of a coffee (with apologies to Jane Austen).


Joys and Pitfalls of Self-publishing – 2

Truth Telling for Beginners.


What The Dickens Is 'Steampunk'

A novice's guide to dissent through clothing.


The Joys & Pitfalls of Self-Publishing

Deadline? What Deadline?


The Rise and Rise of Lesbian Fiction

I had been a lesbian for around 10 years before I read my first lesbian fiction novel. Back then, I wasn’t aware of the term ‘lesbian fiction’, if it existed