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Not all who wander are lost
Things Happen For a Reason...


Things Happen For a Reason...

When a series of events take place, and don't turn out like we've expected, it takes a while for us to understand why...

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My Ex


My Ex

In the reception Kat holds out her arms in greeting but I still feel the warmth of Maria’s lips on mine and the passion that surged through me in the kitchen and I turn my cheek from her kiss.

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Friday Afternoon


Friday Afternoon

Chemistry can be almost unbearable sometimes...

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I can’t pretend that the next few days are easy. After the bliss on Sunday afternoon; making love with Maria, my life has plunged downhill faster than an Alpine skier. It has gone from bad to worse, or as my father would say, from Guatamala to Guatapeor. Monday was Bank Holiday and I was home alone, and I have spent the past two days closeted in the boardroom. Simon came back from America and so John, Stuart, Liam and I have been dealing with the logistics and strategies for all the existing and new contracts and services that we are now providing to our clients. It is Wednesday and four o’clock, and we are with our new client Mickey Bleu, a restaurant owner and chef extraordinaire. A black Haitian with wide red lips, a flat nose and...

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Sunday Storm


Sunday Storm

The weather is always full of mystery, but what surprises it brings this Sunday afternoon…well...

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